Emergency Roof Tarp Service

Emergency Roof Tarps – Industrial Shrink Wrap

With a little over 8 years of experience specializing in emergency board ups, and fire damaged buildings, we have seen it all and a little more.  You can rest assured that Los Angeles Board Ups company possesses the knowledge and experience to secure your property from further damage until repairs can be scheduled.

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Roof tarp installation is a repair project that is a temporary fix to be applied only when a professional roofer or contractor is not available, and the situation requires immediate attention to prevent further damage.   Such as, but not limited to, when foul weather is on the way and the roofer is too busy to repair your roof, then you should definitely consider calling Los Angeles Board Ups company for your 24/7 emergency service needs.

Always keep in mind that wet rooftops are treacherous.  To exacerbate the issues is that long sheets of industrial strength plastic tarp is extremely slippery when wet. Even when dry, tarps are quite slippery.  These two reasons are the main reasons why a home owner should think twice about installing a roof tarp on her/his own to save a few bucks.  It is much safer and responsible to call on the experienced and professional Los Angeles Board Ups company.

After a storm has passed and you discovered you have a leak you’ll probably want to go search out the damage, right away.

Locating the exact area the leak formed at is most difficult where obvious deformity is not identifiable. Whether it is a small leak or some serious damage caused by a felled tree, water will do some damage if not stopped quickly.  Also, small leaks don’t stand out so boldly as a felled tree and can appear to start in one area.  However, water often moves in paths that are not expected.  Our experienced and professional Board Up technicians are well trained and diligent.  They will seek out the exact location of damage to your roof that is causing you all your nightmares.

Of course, before you decide to tarp a roof, first try to identify where the roof’s leak originated at and its cause.  Start by checking the underside of the roof sheathing for water stains.  Crawl up into the attic, have a look around to see if you can spot where all that water is coming from.  And a small piece of advice with a lot of weight, please do not venture onto the physical survive of the roof.  It is unusually dangerous in ways you do not wish to experience.

What you are gonna be looking for is;  a) torn or missing shingles:  b) damaged or dented metal roof vents:  c) missing metal roof panels:  d) weather flashing with gaps in the cocking around its placement:  e) broken or disheveled roof tiles:  f) roof sagging: and g) check your attic or ducting crawl space  for any water rings or any signs of water staining caused by water leaking underneath the roof framing in the attic.

After a damaging storm passes and tears up your roof, to assess the probable damages you may have incurred it is best to call a professional emergency Board Up company to best aid you in your search.  So, give the Los Angeles Board Ups company a call so we can provide you with the service you need.

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