Emergency Board Up

Broken or Damaged Storefront Glass

In the business world of today in Los Angeles mishaps happen quite often.  When a glass window or door glass is broken in your storefront your business suffers from one of many cost of doing business.  Unfortunately, storefront windows and broken door glass are tempered safety glass and must be ordered.

Tempered safety glass can take anywhere from 2 days to 2 weeks to have delivered.  Until the tempered safety glass arrives you’ll require the services of an emergency board up service to perform a window board up until you can get the necessary glass repairs done.

The Los Angeles Board Ups company is available 24-7 and ready to respond in a immediately when you call us.  The Los Angeles Board Ups company offers complimentary glass clean up, Board up services, and a glass referral.  Your one stop shop to excellence.  The only emergency Board Ups company that will earn your return business.

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When a burglar strikes your business… We are there to assist you in securing what remains of your business to prevent further loss

Emergency board up services in the Los Angeles County don’t usually provide a glazier service, however, the Los Angeles Board Ups  offers a glazier service with over forty years experience in repairing shattered glass of all sorts and specialties.

If the glass is a common size and standard material we can aid you in speedy glass replacement whether it be a shattered sliding glass patio door, a destroyed store front door lite, plate glass window, or a common broken window of a home. Our 24 hour emergency services in Los Angeles is the the one stop shopping need you require when burglars or vandals strike requiring the services of a board up company.

Upon your call or email request, the Los Angeles Board Ups company technician will require a few details about the window or door boarding services required to ease the terrible event you are experiencing. He will provide a free quote, materials required, and an estimated time of arrival. It is quick, simple, and that painless.  When you call Los Angeles Board Ups company, you can expect our 24 hour emergency board up service technician to be on site usually within the hour.