Glass Repair

You’ll be hard pressed and quite dissatisfied looking for a 24 hour emergency glass repair service in Los Angeles, California.  24 hour emergency glass repair services in Los Angeles really don’t exist. To do glass repairs at night is quite dangerous and cumbersome.

Leave it to the Los Angeles Board Ups company and we will assist you in getting back to your comfortable life style as quickly as possible with a referral to a very experienced glazier with over forty years in the business.

If the glass is a common size and standard material we can aid you in speedy glass replacement whether it be a shattered sliding glass patio door, a destroyed store front door lite, plate glass window, or a common broken window of a home. Our 24 hour emergency services in Los Angeles is the the one stop shopping need you require when burglars or vandals strike requiring the services of a Board Up company.

A glass company will always rely on the services of a reputable emergency Board Up service like the Los Angeles Board Ups company to do a temporary security repair and then come out during normal business hours in a few days to repair your glass.

Give the Los Angeles Board Ups company at (818) 795-9584  24 hours a day 7 days a week.